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What Is Branding?

Updated: May 28

Austin owns a mechanic shop. As a child he was interested in remote controlled cars. Austin would break down the cars and study the mechanism of the remote control cars. At the age of 10 he was good at disassembling and reassembling remote control cars. By the time Austin turned 14 he learned how to disassemble and reassemble lawnmowers. He then learned how to take a Lawnmower motor and build a go-cart.

Austin was often called on to fix toys and other things around the house. Austins Mom and Dad often referred to Austin as “The handy man of the house”.

Austin started driving at the age of 16. When the family car broke down and Austin mom could not afford to pay a mechanic to diagnose and repair the car Austin would research and learn how to repair the car. As time progressed Austin became well rounded in understanding how to repair cars.

He started off working on his mom’s family vehicle. His Aunts and Uncles would come by and hear the stories about how good Austin was with his hands. He was mostly known for working on cars because that was his passion. He loved doing it since childhood playing with remote control cars.

Austin was unconsciously developing his personal brand growing up.

What many of us are now grasping is the fact that everyone is a brand. A brand is simply put “what you are known for”. A brand is not a brand if it only exist in your mind. But if others have a perception of you i.e.: He is so smart, she is a grouch, He is our best worker etc then you are branded.

If you are the manager at your job you are branded as the manager. You are known for managing a company on behalf of the organization.

Austin on the other hand decided to take charge of his brand and brand development. Austin as a adult studied branding. He took charge of his brand by giving birth to a symbol that represented what he was known for which we call a logo.

Soon in the minds of his regular customer his logo became his (Trade-Mark). It was a mark placed on all his documents and promotions representing his trade as a mechanic. He developed his company standards and made sure his employees followed his procedures to maintain his brand and quality output.

What Austin learned is to take control of his brand “how others perceive you and your trade” then built on it. By doing so he could hire others and the logo becomes a stamp of approval “These services came from this source which has a good track record”.

Building a brand is about knowing (What’s Your Passion) and developing your public activities around your passion.

We all have the ability to brand ourselves and building a business off of that brand. It starts with now. Watching how you treat others “known to be courteous”. How you complete tasks that you agree to “known for getting the job done”, and what skills or niches you have, “known for being knowledgeable about cars and car repairs”

Branding is a journey to consistently be built upon. Ready to develop your brand? We can help communicate your brand with our screen printing services.

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