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Finding Your Passion

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

Often times,

we get the urge to start a business and eventually let go of our 9 to 5. We get stuck on where to start or what should we do. With all the skills you acquired throughout life you wonder

“which skill should I use to start”.

We don’t take into consideration that the skills we acquire is usually based on the place of employment and what skills they require. Your place of employment teach you skills to meet their needs, but it is not always necessarily what you would like to learn or do.

The good news is that everything you learned from your place of employment can help you today. From basic customer service, to operating systems, security, and consistency. These skills will help you develop your “Known for” brand in the eyes of your audience. These skills are actually tools to help you tap into your passion and make a living off of your passion.

But how do I Know where to start?

To know where to start I often tell people to refer back to their childhood.

What is it that you loved doing even though you didn't get paid for it?

This can be drawing, singing, building, acting, etc. This is the base that you build around. The reason you want to go with childhood passions is because you enjoyed doing these things, and chances are you didn’t do it for money! You most likely did these things because you enjoyed it, and you enjoyed the response you got from family, and friends. This response would build your brand and audience if you had a business as a child.

You will often have to present your ideas for free and showcase your niche to draw in supporters.

It is hard to consistently do that if you are not passionate about the field you are in. This is where your childhood passions is key, you will feel like a kid again in spirit and you will eventually enjoy the new experiences in the form of trips and vacations as you did as a child.

Even though learning new things was frustrating, we were driven by the passion and the end results.

The key to discovering your passion is to reflect on childhood activities.

John “Pharaoh Cutty” Cutright

Founder of Pharaohs Of Ascension

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