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Situation = Negative or positive

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

The choice is yours

We all make the choice to experience emotions. Some of us are not conscious of this. To those who don't think they make the choice to experience emotions good or bad think of this…

When was the last time you were upset about something and when friends or family tried to talk to you or calm you down you rejected the emotional support. “Naw im good im about to f..k this blank up” or we say “naw f**k that s**t insinuating that you would like to remain angry and on 10.

This is an example of making a choice to experience an emotion. Next we must ask can we make a decision to experience more of the pleasant emotions rather than the negative emotions.

The answer to that is YES!

Through self awareness we can identify the root cause of the triggers and redirect the energy to something that puts you in a positive state.

A person can be mad because they do not get support from friends, family, or their significant other.

The root cause could be that as a child you could have felt ignored by your parents and/or siblings. This caused you to do creative things for attention. This can be behavior disorders which gain attention, or making music or art in hopes of positive feedback.

The person who finds themselves upset a lot due to lack of support is seeking significance and/or, love/connection.

There is this motivational speaker by the name of Tony Robbins who spoke about the 6 basic human needs


These 6 needs are

1. Certainty (security, consistency, financial stability etc.)

2. Uncertainty (variety, desired surprises, etc)

3. Significance (Attention, Need to feel special about skill or trade etc. need to stand out)

4. Love/Connection (a sense of belonging, love and compassion as well as having a network of supporters)

5. Contributions (to give to a cause greater than yourself)

6. Growth (When you don’t feel growth in your life you feel like you are dying inside)

These basic psychological needs drive our behavior patterns. A lot of our patterns were planted as a child. Many psychologists call this your dark side or shadow side. It is the subconscious aspect of the mind.

For example you drive a car to work on a daily basis. After traveling a routine route you find yourself not having to think much about what route will lead you to work. By this time your route to work is programmed in your subconscious. You no longer need awareness of your routine route to get to your destination.

There is more science to this in which we will touch on at a later date. Make sure you subscribe to our blogs to receive notifications about any new post.

To sum it up. We need more emotional awareness, or emotional intelligence.

With this we will become aware of our emotional patterns and can make an effort with patience to change our response to the emotional triggers of life to a more rational one.

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