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Our mission is to assist in the economical empowerment of the oppressed and to promote cooperative economics within urban communities.




At Pharaohs Of Ascension Inc., we envision a world where economic empowerment knows no bounds. With our dedicated team of strategists, teachers, visionaries, creators, motivators, managers, and leaders, we are weaving the threads of our mission into the fabric of reality.


Our vision is to be a beacon of transformation, inspiring and empowering individuals to discover their unique purpose and passion.


Through education, inspiration, creativity, and guidance, we nurture the growth of a vibrant community where cooperative economics thrives.

As we lead by example, we foster the creation of more conducive family structures, where individuals become harmonious contributors to the ever-flowing currents of life.


Together, we embrace the spirit of unity and collaboration, amplifying the voices of the oppressed and uplifting urban communities with the power of collective economic growth.


In this vision, we see a world where every individual's potential is unlocked, and their journey towards realizing their life's mission is nurtured and celebrated.


With passion and purpose, we rise together, igniting positive change that echoes through generations.


Join us on this transformative journey as we build bridges of opportunity and weave a tapestry of empowered lives, creating a world where dreams take flight and aspirations reach new heights. Welcome to Pharaohs Of Ascension Inc., where together, we ascend beyond limitations and embrace boundless possibilities for a brighter tomorrow.

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