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The  Passion

John "Pharaoh Cutty" Cutright is the visionary founder behind Cutright Printing and Pharaohs Of Ascension, Inc. His entrepreneurial journey began in 2005 when he delved into the world of design and printing. Inspired by his family's newfound computer skills, Pharaoh Cutty honed his craft and started a landscaping business.


However, his true passion emerged in designing promotional materials and screen-printing.


With the guidance of mentors like Munk and Ron Watters, Pharaoh Cutty mastered the art of screen-printing and designing.


He took inspiration from his father, a member of the famous singing group "The Dynamics," and ventured into the world of marketing and philanthropy. Understanding the significance of financial independence and community empowerment, he established Pharaohs Of Ascension Inc. in 2018, driven by a vision to uplift urban communities and create a positive flow of life.

Pharaohs Of Ascension Inc. operates from the heart of the community at the Mama Akua Community House, allowing them to actively engage in community initiatives. Through his creative endeavors and philanthropic work, Pharaoh Cutty aims to inspire others to find their life's purpose and achieve financial balance while making a positive impact on society. Join us on this empowering journey of art, purpose, and balance. #PharaohsOfAscension #ScreenPrinting #CommunityInitiatives

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