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The  Passion

John "Pharaoh Cutty" Cutright is founder of Cutright Printing, and Pharaohs Of Ascension, Inc. 2005 marks the year he would tap into the entrepreneur world. Cutty's brother had graduated from a computer tech school. At the end of the course Cutty's brother was given free computers. This was the first time that the Cutright Family would have computers in the household and Cutty's mom would practice designing shirts, obituaries, fliers, and business cards. 


Pharaoh Cutty would learn the programs as well. Cutty's dad, George White a original member of the 1950's-1970's singing group called "The Dynamics" that the family start a business with their new found talents in development.


It was then Cutty would start a landscaping business in which he promoted. Cutty and two of brothers would serve three houses in the winter time when there was up to 6 inches of snow before they realized they was not properly equipped for this type of business.


Cutty then decided to focus on designing like his mom was. He would practice designing shirts, brochures, business cards etc. He then sought out help to develop the quality of the prints. It was then he learned what it meant to outsource. He would find out from his mentor Munk about a company called Lenny's Copy Center. He would design shirts, business cards, and other promotional material and outsource to Lenny's Copy Center for the production. 


Using his position at his current job "Dollar Daze" in 2006 he would promote his company by placing flyers in the bags of clients and having a sign posted on the window. Calls were pouring in and business was picking up. 


Cutty took on a second job doing security at the Penobscot building. It was there he would pick the brains of different lawyers to learn how to officially establish his business on paper.

In 2008 Munk purchased his own building and screen printing equipment. Cutty originally met Munk from working with Cutty's cousin at Jermain's House of Styles.  Munk was on his way to establishing his own barbershop and printing business. 

In 2009 Munk would take Cutty under his wing to teach him the craft of screen printing. Munk cousin Ron Watters trained him in designing and how to use the superior programs such as PhotoShop and illustrator. At this time he wasn't conscious of his true passion. Cutty's real motivation came from wanting to provide a way to have a family business where his mom can contribute from home, and help his family overcome financial woes.

In 2015 Cutty started putting together concepts for his true passion which is marketing. After losing his job in 2016 at a major automobile plant he realized the importance of always having a skill and striving for financial independence and interdependence. In 2018 Cutty established Pharaohs Of Ascension INC. 

In the mist of all the business experience Cutty acquired, he also have gained experience in philanthropy work. He have worked with Yusef Shakur in the Black Souljahz where he along with the Black Souljahz would feed the people. The "Feed The People" event was launched as a program under "The People's Survival Program". Serving many people Cutty had the opportunity to speak with many about the struggles they have. Speaking with many organizations he has worked with he came to find some of the members have similar struggles. The common issue was financial deprivation. 

Since this finding in 2011 Pharaoh Cutty would make it a life mission to remedy the economic imbalance within urban communities by helping people find their life path and balance that passion for financial independence as well as philanthropy (the balance of giving and receiving). He realized this is true balance that will create a flow for urban communities in Detroit and tap into the flow of the world. He believes this is the real flow of life.

Currently Pharaohs Of Ascension is operation out of the Mama Akua Community House helping us to be directly rooted to community initiatives. 

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